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Hi Dan, Iaˆ™ll try making it as concise possible because I know

I’ve two biggest concerns basically:

1. Thereaˆ™s a female in school which i enjoy and so I made a decision to see the Flow and tune in to Ash (Confessions of an all natural) to learn simple tips to do it. I found the info really helpful and place it into motion at once. Now the truth is, we have had some succes with-it, Iaˆ™m actually attempting to make the woman pursue me when you indicates itaˆ¦ and often she really does appear to be interested in me personally and reciprocates my personal flirting etcaˆ¦ however when i actually do attempt to go products ahead (pressing, getting one-on-one energy along with her) she appears to return offaˆ¦ I inquired the woman how come that (not in a needy, however in an easy, positive way) and she states because she desnaˆ™t wish rest to consider that weaˆ™re together and she wants some other men observe their as singleaˆ¦ Still, she returns in my experience and shows some indicators of hobbiesaˆ¦ What are I expected to carry out about this? Was she playing hard to get or can I totally disregard this lady in Sapiosexual dating app order to find a person that really deserves to be beside me, for perhaps not acting this bulls*it beside me?

2. additional question: Iaˆ™m best 17 yrs old, and that I began to genuinely believe that possibly that might be the issue. Maybe ladies during that era carry out put additional emphasis on styles and I also can just wait until they realize itaˆ™s perhaps not the most crucial atraction characteristic in a manaˆ¦ Any thought on that? Do you believe girls 16-19 desire the same points that youaˆ™re training only at TMM, or can I alter some thing?

Thank You ahead for your needs responses, all three of you really DO making our life betteraˆ¦

Itaˆ™s a bit stressful but I truly require some advise around condition, because non of my pals appears to have like an excellent answer for that.

Now to start out my home is Egypt, I will be 21 yrs . old and was very good appearing

Today couple of years ago I became wanting to put anybody over twitter and inadvertently i put a woman by exact same name that we donaˆ™t see, fundamentally she accepted the request and now we determined we donaˆ™t discover one another but there was like some friends in keeping, therefore we made a decision to seated as pals indeed there. we surely got to see each other after which we stopped talking.

Couple of years later on, i met this lady inside like a sporting events time during my old school, it actually was like actually the 1st time to get to know their physically. she really was beautiful. we talked and joked for like 5 mins.

then we kept speaking with the lady activities started initially to go quicker now I obtained the girl cell number and we started initially to chat over the telephone for like one hour just about every day,

But she mentioned that she didnaˆ™t feeling things for me personally ! while the good reason why she donaˆ™t wana take a relationship is because she had a bad exprience bfore that she doesnaˆ™t would you like to explore.

On a daily basis we speak for like an hour over the phone and it also comes to an end by me personally telling the lady exactly how much

Today my personal thoughts let me know that she’s into myself since this woman is accepting my telephone calls and all of that, but i canaˆ™t like relocate to base 2 wither this lady acquire her to say that she likes me, on the other hand she claims that she really doesnaˆ™t think some thing for me personally

enjoy the lady and I also want to be together with her.

Let me know be sure to what exactly do you imagine it could be complete whenever I really do have actually a chance, because am like sick and tired of asking !

Many thanks for your concern.

Many thanks for your own question.

Hmmmaˆ¦sounds like sheaˆ™s not that interested in you if sheaˆ™s worried about some other dudes thought she’s along with you. It seems like she might be simply using you to be ok with herself.

Concerning your more concern. Yes, women are drawn to alike issues no matter what years or customs. Sure, some girls need to pick a good-looking boyfriend, but most men are not good-looking and they have a girlfriend. Surely, you’ll have experienced a number of hot, more youthful women with aˆ?uglyaˆ™ men with your OWN sight. Real? We dudes basically average lookin, making it not concerning the looks.