Relationships in Norway: the Strangest circumstances best Norwegian males say

Most of these is true, either experienced by me or a few of my feminine company. Okay okay, some I made, not too numerous really. Hey, nobody stated it had been unlawful to have just a little creativeness you can test to think those that we made-up however, a good test to understand whether you are sure that Norwegian people better, or whether you understand myself really.

1. would you like to posses youngsters beside me? Otherwise, let me know. I am 35, no time to shed with you.

2. How many times per week do you ever teach?

3. Do you want to feel my personal venn med fordell? Myself: the what? Guy: buddy with advantages, you understand, intercourse.

4. Do you including friluftsliv?

5. do not stay so close to my vehicle. Its a Tesla you are aware, very costly.

6. Are you inebriated? I am talking about intoxicated sufficient not to ever remember that which we go for about accomplish?

7. Which country can you originate from? Oh We have a that country coloured already to my business chart of beginnings of babes I had intercourse with. Once you know any female from Fiji, North Korea or Romania inform me, i’m curious!

8. chap: Is it possible you go from Oslo? woman: To in which for instance? Man: to your community in Trondelag we grew up in and stay 30 m far from my moms and dads. You are aware, in regards to our young ones to grow right up in the wild and products. Girl: Whats the term once more? Man: Nevermind.

9. it absolutely was these a koselig nights we invested collectively dont you think?

10. Towards the waiter: No were spending different. To me: you’d a glass or two above myself, dont forget to pay all you had tonight. Me personally, silently: Screw likestilling.

11. I really like the whale hamburger here, you ought to get that.

12. do you wish to snus?

13. chap: Which book from Knausgard do you realy like? Me personally: I dont understand, You will findnt see any of them. Chap: (amazed) You dont browse Knausgard? Exactly what will you see after that?

14. What makes your very short? Is there an inherited challenge inside parents?

15. can you devour lutefisk?

16. would you like to be a Norwegian resident? You need to? Norway is the best place in the whole world you are sure that.

18. Oh youre that French female just who produces about Norwegians. The amount of subscribers do you have every week. Wow so many? Is it possible to discuss me?

19. What is the 5-year program?

20. Did you damage your self whenever I banged the glass home in your face? Oh you expected us to contain the home individually? Sweety, this is certainly Norway, women can be perhaps not managed like girls and boys here, they’re expected to hold and bring everything by themselves. Its labeled as sex equality. (Again, screy your gender equivalence sometimes).

This is certainly typically regarding what Norwegian males say, when you have any insight on unusual issues Norwegian girls state on schedules, feel my visitor and contact me with your information! Additionally, if you have additional input on issues guys state, carry it on. Note: this was encouraged by a-twitter competition known as #FirstDateQuestions.

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I actually consider 1 and 2 include reasonable

om nom nom, whale

I couldnt choose one that sounded constructed. Really. These are typically similar to that!

1 5 and 14 , are my personal reckon that you put their creative imagination ?? Norwegians are mostly diplomatic in this instance and dont talk it also I watched significant them who like quicker girls

I could say the no.14 was real. My hubby (Norwegian) really made it happen as soon as we comprise internet dating :) . Nearly alike phrase, but he was wondering why Im very quick and he has been 30cm lonely although we speaking a walk.