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William Raveis Stowe Realty Appoints New Vacation Specialist

STOWE, VT (September 28, 2015) – William Raveis Stowe Realty and Stowe Realty Rentals are proud to welcome a new vacation specialist to the real estate and rentals team.

Curry Galloway

Curry Galloway

Curry Galloway joins the Stowe office to oversee the rentals division and further develop the company’s growing portfolio of vacation rental properties. She has a background in business and administration working in commercial real estate for Equity Office Properties and in the biotech and healthcare industries of Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“We are fortunate to have Curry join the rentals division,” said John Biondolillo, principal broker and owner of William Raveis Stowe Realty. “With our Main Street office presence and the forward momentum of our William Raveis affiliation, I’m confident that Curry will play a key role in providing exceptional customer care and continuing our company’s evolution in the industry.”

Galloway commented, “I am excited for this new opportunity with Stowe Realty Rentals and look forward to growing our clientele base and implementing the top-quality service that Stowe renters and owners have come to expect.”

Galloway is also a recreation enthusiast and is actively involved in the outdoor industry in northern Vermont.

William Raveis Stowe Realty is a full-service real estate brokerage company. Its rentals division, Stowe Realty Rentals, markets and rents vacation, seasonal and long-term Stowe-area lodgings.

Realtors Compile School Data

By Ken Libby

From 1997 to 2012, Vermont had a 15 percent decrease in K-12 enrollment — about 1,000 fewer students a year. Despite declining enrollment, Vermont’s education spending has dramatically increased. Skyrocketing school spending plus declining enrollment doesn’t add up.

There are two main reasons for declining school enrollment: Vermont has the second-lowest fertility rate in the country (fewer births now mean fewer children in schools when they start kindergarten six years later) and more people leave Vermont than move into it.

The late 1990s marked the beginning of Vermont’s increases in education spending. By the mid-2000s, inflation-adjusted spending had risen to about $1.5 billion — as much as a 50 percent increase in a decade. Compared to other states, Vermont spends significantly more per student, with some estimates indicating that per-pupil spending is as much as 71 percent higher than the national average.

A survey conducted by Vermont Realtors showed that 76 percent of Vermonters believe that school property taxes are too high. Reforming Vermont’s education finance system is not a simple task and it will take time. But to do the best for our children, their future and our state as a whole, we must begin prioritizing changes that will bend the spending curve while a more comprehensive solution is designed.

The Vermont Realtors, the Vermont Voice of Real Estate, has a very active government affairs committee. The committee meets weekly during the Vermont legislative session and it had a tough time separating fact from fiction. As a result, it obtained a grant from our national association and contracted with Art Woolf, noted Vermont economist, to review the material known to be reliable. Our goal was to identify the problem.

The study was interesting, in that it did not agree that significant savings in school expenses could be obtained by some of the more frequently discussed options, such as fewer supervisory districts.

Vermont Realtors decided that someone needed to become a source of information so the public could be aware of the various proposals and how they would impact property taxes. With that in mind, we received another grant from the National Association of Realtors and have developed a website: The objective is to provide the reader with one location to get all the information. You will also see that, once legislation starts to be presented, it will be posted on this site so you can have it at your fingertips.

Vermont Realtors also has arranged for a final grant from the national group, if required, to conduct public education if a bill that seems to fix the problem is proposed by the legislature. Stay tuned. Check this site a few times a week and be informed.

This guest perspective was also published in the Stowe Reporter.

Starting A Career In Real Estate

A career in real estate can be very exciting and rewarding. It offers freedom and unlimited earning potential. There are many steps to starting a career in real estate. The most important is the broker you choose. We encourage you to investigate us further, and if we can answer any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

To learn more about our open positions Call or Text @ 802.272.8504 or email resume to

Choosing a Broker

The road to success begins with the first step. When choosing a career in real estate, the most important decision you make is choosing the right broker. For any independent business person, success depends on what you contribute. In real estate, your contributions and investments are combined with what the real estate broker invests in you to help bring about that success.

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Stowe Realty Hires Client Care Manager

Deb Gradwohl, BCK Real Estate, Stowe Realty, Vermont real estate, Real estate in Vermont, homes in Vermont, homes in Central Vermont
Deb Gradwohl

Stowe Realty continues to go above and beyond to meet the needs of agents and consumers in today’s changing market…

In keeping with its mission to develop the most valuable resources and services to assist its agents,central Vermont’s leading independent real estate brokerage, Stowe Realty (a BCK Real Estate Company) recently announced the hire of Deb Gradwohl to a new position titled Client Care Manager. Stowe Realty provides its agents with the necessary tool so they can spend more time focusing on their clients’ needs and less time worrying about the details. By hiring Gradwohl, the company has further dedicated itself to the well-being and success of its agents in a challenging market.

From the paperwork and follow-up required in the management of listings and transactions to the coordination of personal promotion and marketing materials, Gradwohl will assist agents in the company’s Stowe and Waterbury offices in managing everything they deal with in their daily lives. President and owner of Stowe Realty, John Biondolillo, believes that by serving the company’s agents’ needs first and foremost, the service in turn translates into the best benefit to their clients. This strategy has helped the company earn its reputation throughout the region as the model of integrity, professionalism and exceptional service.

“By hiring Deb we are doing a great service to our agents as well as our clients,” says Biondolillo.

“By associating with a quality company like Stowe Realty, agents are able to focus on marketing homes, working with buyers to find a home, negotiating contracts and making new contacts in the communities we serve. The high level of support we offer our agents enables them to provide the finest service to our clients.”

About Stowe Realty, a BCK Real Estate Company

Beginning in 1981 with 3 agents based in Barre, VT, BCK Real Estate Company today is central Vermont’s largest independent real estate brokerage with nearly 30 real estate agents in six branches throughout the central Vermont region. BCK acquired Stowe Realty in 2009.

Tomorrow’s Ads… Today!

Print advertising is still very much effective, but why should only those who are holding the publication be able to see what you are advertising? At BCK Real Estate our weekly print ads are not only posted online, but emailed out to hundreds of clients and top brokers with a little piece we like to call Tomorrow’s Ads… Today!

See for yourself.

Agent Marketing Support

The management at BCK Real Estate has concluded from observing the best, high-end real estate companies in the United States that one of the biggest needs and priorities for agents is marketing support.

Traditionally, companies are not providing convenient marketing support to agents and therefore the agents are forced to obtain their marketing support independently. This requires them to spend valuable time and money in an area outside of their expertise thus the agent perceives no added value or support from their company. BCK has elevated this area of service and support to help our agents become more productive.

At BCK agents have full access to marketing professionals, where they are able to obtain all of their marketing needs. We provide a venue for customized listing presentations, website development, viral marketing e-blasts, social media support, and a place to develop strategic marketing campaigns. With this in-house advertising agency BCK provides all agents marketing assistance while elevating the Agent and Company brand.

BCK expects both agents and clients to be attracted to the Company’s clean, high-end advertising and its customized marketing support.

10 Unique Benefits Of Listing With BCK Real Estate Company

1. Focus. BCK Real Estate Company is committed to a single geographic market: Central Vermont’s Washington, Orange, Lamoille, and Windsor Counties. We understand what makes this area an exceptional place to live, and the subtle nuances that give each village and town its distinctive character. Selling homes here is all we do.

2. Experience. A typical Realtor will do only 3 or 4 transactions a year.  Our agents exceed the national average by 4 times. No other firm in the area can match the quality and depth of our Realtors. Period.

3. Global Reach. BCK Real Estate Company has the broadest Internet marketing network in real estate. We’ve spent vast resources to stay on the cutting edge of technology and establish partnerships with more than 30 real estate websites.  Exposing your listing not just to more buyers, but the right buyers. Through our association with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, a worldwide network of top quality brokers, we have global reach that far exceeds any franchise.

4. Knowledge. BCK Real Estate Company has been a fixture in central Vermont for over 30 years. Our agents and staff know the area as well as the real estate market inside and out. When you have a question about a property, no matter how big or small, our family of Realtors will have the answer. When you list with BCK Real Estate Company, you tap into the largest broker network in the area: professionals who are connected to buyers and investors for your property.

5. Market Share. BCK Real Estate Company leads the counties we serve at every price level. Our Realtors act as listing and/or selling agent for more than one-quarter of all area home sales.  People turn to us for a reason.

6. Commitment. Choose to work with BCK Real Estate Company and you’ll receive our expertise not only during your transaction, and beyond. Our first class service is what keeps customers coming back to us time and time again.

7. Reliability. We will be with you every step of the way.  BCK Real Estate Company has a higher percentage of transactions that come to a successful conclusion than any other firm in the region.

8. Elevating the Agent Experience. BCK agents get more, so you get more.  At most real estate brokerages their agents are like a one-man band, trying to do everything.  We have a team of full time professionals that support our agents and help them manage every aspect of your transaction from beginning to end.

9. Comprehensive Brokerage. BCK Real Estate Company has the expertise to meet all of your real estate needs with distinction.  We offer referrals to preferred vendors, and can even manage your property if necessary.

10. Giving back. We love central Vermont; it’s our home, too. That’s one of the reasons we give our time, energy and money to dozens of local & regional charities.

Timeless Values In A Changing World

By John Biondolillo and Steve Shull

I hope everyone who comes on this blog understands that this site is totally self serving. This is where we get to talk about BCK Real Estate and why we think we think we have a superior business model that provides a much higher level of service to agents.

Without question the real estate landscape is changing. The trend across the country is away from franchises. For many years agents and consumers mistakenly thought that franchises provided more support and access to out of market buyers. The reality is that members of the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, like BCK, do more transactions and have more agent & offices worldwide than any of the major franchises.  Consumers are starting to realize that local professionals with local knowledge combined with worldwide connections can provide them with the best services.  This trend is definitely in process right now.

So in this ever changing environment, is NOW the time to think about changing companies?

At some point in their career almost every agent entertains the idea of changing companies whether they are happy or not or whether they are recruited or not. In my opinion there is only ONE reason to change companies….

And that reason is….

To put yourself in a better position to sell more homes!! I know there are other reasons agents make changes. However I think this is the most important reason for an agent to change companies.

Changing companies is not something you want to do regularly. There needs to be a really good reason to make a change. There are many factors to consider including:

1. Brand Name
2. Company Image
3. Market Presence
4. Internet Presence
5. Financial Stability
6. Office Location/ Condition
7. Manager
8. Split
9. Your work space
10. Legal
11. Quality of agents in the office
12. Office Staff/ Systems/ Support
13. Marketing
14. Coaching/ Training
15. Technology
16. Broker network
17. Research/ Information
18. Client perception
19. Loyalty issues
20. Culture

I am sure you could add to this list.

Again for me….

The big reason to change companies is very straightforward…

You want to sell more homes and you believe changing companies can help you.

Too many agents focus on split. Split is almost irrelevant in comparison to increasing your production. Adding 2 to 4 more deals to your production will blow away any increase you can ever negotiate in terms of your split. And in the end, what is most important is not your split. What is most important is the value you receive for the money you pay. Remember you are having this same conversation with sellers every day over your commission. They think all agents are the same and they want to pay less. How is this any different than you thinking all companies are the same and you want a higher split? It is not the fee. It is not the split. What matters is the value you receive!!

At most companies, most agents are paying somewhere between 40 and 50% to their company. This includes the Keller Williams model also if you do the math.

The BIG question is, “What are you getting in return for that % of your gross commissions generated?”

For the most part you get the following:

1. A brand name
2. Space to work
3. Managerial support…. depending on the office manager
4. Legal support


From what I have seen….. most of the responsibility for growing your business lands right in your lap. I do not know of a single real estate company (outside of BCK Real Estate) in the area that has the ability to give you one-on-one attention in helping you grow your business. Most of the franchise offices have lots of agents (many of whom are part time).  Too many agents, not enough resources.

The reality is… the more business you do, the more you are left alone. This leads to agents wanting higher and higher splits because they feel they get less and less service as their production increases. In fact the thing most top producing agents want from their company other than a higher split and more office space is….. TO BE LEFT ALONE!! Personally I think this is a very sad indictment of most real estate companies. Why should a company exist if the agents just wants to do their own thing and wants the company to stay out of their way? Something is very wrong with this picture!

If you feel your company is paying attention to you on an individual basis and helping you in developing your business…. I highly encourage you to stay.

At the same time if you do NOT feel you are getting that support…. I would love to know why you stay.

If you are a real up and comer…. does your company recognize your potential and what are they doing to help you go to the next level? Are they giving you one-on-one coaching? Do they provide the training that you need? Are they helping you with your prospecting and marketing efforts? What are they doing to help you organize your database? Are they providing you with great technology and great technology support? What about admin help? What are they doing to help you compete against more experienced veterans in the market? How are they inspiring and challenging you to take that next step?

I think every agent needs to wake up and take a closer look at their individual situation. No matter where you work right now…. there is a lot of uncertainty. When offices close they close with very short notice and agents are left to find a new home quickly. Many companies are adding fees at the same time. Your deal is changing or is subject to change quickly. This is the reality of this new market. And what makes it even more difficult… a great agent in a great market is not immune from these types of changes. I closely study the makeup of each real estate office in our area. I can tell you unequivocally that too many offices are too top heavy. Meaning the office is supported by a handful of top producing agents. If one or two of these agents were to leave….. the financial viability of that office would be questionable. If any of those agents decide to leave, what happens to that office? What if you are in one of the those offices?

Unless the market does a dramatic turnaround for the better, no one is safe. Every agent needs a plan B at this time.  The old model is broken and CANNOT be fixed. That is why market share for the big franchises has slipped so much.

Our company has recruited 3 new agents in the past 3 months. So why are these agents coming?

ONE BIG REASON – We are going to help them take more listings and sell more homes!!


Because that is what we do!!

It is our PURPOSE!

It is our PASSION!!

And we have a PLAN to turn this goal into a reality.

Our company’s foundation centers of the following four building blocks:

1. Coaching
2. Marketing
3. Support
4. Technology

This is who we are. This is what we do. And I challenge anyone in any company to show me they are doing something better. Our company is about performance. And specifically about the performance of our agents. This is what we think about each and every day. What can we do in each of these four areas to help our agents take more listings and sell more homes? We live in this question non-stop. And we work on these four areas of our business continuously!!

We are now going through one of the most exciting times ever in the real estate market. Everything is up for grabs. What was up is now down. What was big is now small. What was in is now out. With all the change that is taking place I invite you to check out our company. We anticipated the change. We planned for it. We prepared for it. WE EMBRACE IT!!

The bottom line is this…

We would love to help you take more listings and sell more homes. If any of the above sounds interesting to you….