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Ken And Bunny Libby Host AREA Retreat

By Ken Libby

I had the pleasure of hosting about 65 real estate agents for the annual Associated Realty of the Americas (AREA) retreat at the Stowe Mountain Lodge on Sept. 11-13. The three-day event sought to help agents learn more about “Harnessing the Power that is AREA.”

AREA is an international real estate referral network representing luxury residential properties, commercial properties, land, resorts and selected developments throughout North America. The event was an extraordinary networking and educational opportunity for some of the brightest and best agents from around the nation (many are board members and leaders, providing quality support to their peers and clients in an ever-changing marketplace).

During the series of informational sessions, panelists debated the meaning of leadership, what to do in gray and/or challenging real estate situations and best practices in the field. In the vein of education were discussions on marketing, client communication and improved business strategies with the help of AREA.

Throughout the weekend, it was great to see so many social posts from agents who enlivened our special place with pictures from the top of Mt. Mansfield, hiking in Smugglers’ Notch or enjoying the village. Some found the Depot Street Malt Shop for a step back to the 1950s while others ventured out to the Nebraska Knoll Sugar Farm. Fifteen agents also gave a huge thumbs up for dinner at Gracie’s on Friday night.

I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to all who attended the conference, agents from California to Florida and everywhere in between! Thank you to Bunny for being co-chair of the retreat, Jo Kenney (the Mistress of Ceremonies), Diana Bull, Suzanne Cooper, Ron Phipps, George Harvey, Jr., Kaki Lybbert, Ryan Asao, Audrey Novoa, Carl Bosse and so many others that acted as moderators and helped with the event. A big “Thank You!” to Trapp Family Lodge/Brewery, Stowe Mountain Lodge and other businesses that contributed their time and talents to host our group.

The members of AREA say that real estate requires a team to make any successful transaction possible and once those motivated professionals are gathered then “the world of real estate is at your feet!” I couldn’t agree more. Looking forward to next year’s retreat!

Starting A Career In Real Estate

A career in real estate can be very exciting and rewarding. It offers freedom and unlimited earning potential. There are many steps to starting a career in real estate. The most important is the broker you choose. We encourage you to investigate us further, and if we can answer any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

To learn more about our open positions Call or Text @ 802.272.8504 or email resume to

Choosing a Broker

The road to success begins with the first step. When choosing a career in real estate, the most important decision you make is choosing the right broker. For any independent business person, success depends on what you contribute. In real estate, your contributions and investments are combined with what the real estate broker invests in you to help bring about that success.

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Already? Really?

By Steve Shull

Believe it or not….

It is really time to start planning for 2011. The best way to have a great year is to have a great start to the year. And if you want a great start to 2011….. you have to begin thinking about it NOW!

Here are 10 great questions for you to answer relative to how you approach your business today. Before thinking about next year, it is imperative to gain some real clarity about what you are doing right now. The answers to the questions below will help you shape your plans for next year.

If you are inspired to get a “jump start” on 2011….

1.  Do you know what you want?

2.  Do you connect to what is most important to you on a daily basis?

3.  Do you start each day with a clear intention, an open mind, and a true sense of urgency?

4.  Do you start each day with a plan, a strategy for generating business, an opportunity awareness?

5.  Do you stay focused on following your plan/ strategy?

6.  Do you stay in the moment, in “the hunt”, looking for opportunity in every situation, and always seeking to get to the truth?

7.  Do you REALLY understand that a “no” is just as good as a “yes”?

8.  Do you work to push away all the distractions that pop up during the day?

9.  How quick are you to notice when you are getting off track and how fast can you get yourself back on track?

10. Do you evaluate your effort each day for ways to get better?

Everyone Needs A Coach

By Steve Shull

If you look at any top performer or athlete you will probably find a coach nearby. No matter how successful you are, no matter how smart you are, no matter how talented you are, no matter how hard you are willing to work, no matter what sacrifices you are willing to make….. COACHING CAN MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER!!

What is Coaching?

Has there ever been a time in your life that someone believed in you so much…..
your talents and spirit soared in their presence?

What did they see in you that you couldn’t see?

How did they share their faith in you and motivate you?

How did you grow from that experience?

Were you able to reach higher or step farther when you knew you had their support and encouragement behind you?

A great coach is someone who can see your greatness and help you realize it on a daily basis in many different ways. Whether you need to be pushed, or pulled, or inspired, or challenged, or left alone…. a great coach knows just the right way to keep you moving forward so you can achieve your best at all times. A great coach helps you get focused on what is truly possible so you can channel your efforts and energies in a meaningful and purposeful direction.

Simply stated……

Being in the right coaching relationship can empower you to get what you want both personally and professionally AND…… enjoy the process of “getting there”.

How does the coaching process work?

The coaching process is composed of three main forces:

1. Goal setting
2. Planning
3. Accountability

The first phase of coaching process is to help you get clear about what you want and why it is important to you.

The second phase of the coaching process is to help you develop a plan based on your individual talents and resources to reach or exceed your goals.

Once the goal has been set and the plan developed…. the third phase of the coaching process is to hold you accountable to both your goals and your plan.

It is the mastering of these three phases that will turn your infinite potential into actual rewards!!

Every goal, no matter how big can be broken down into small steps. Such steps, taken in a consistently focused direction will generate……. BIG RESULTS!!

In life we ALL get off track at times. The key to being more successful is learning to correct your course quickly and effectively. Having a great coach in your corner reduces the time spent drifting away from your goals and accelerates the process of turning your dreams into reality.

In summary…..

A great coach keeps your vision in front of you at all times.

A great coach keeps bringing you back to the plan of action and helps you modify it when necessary.

A great coach is a constant voice in your ear that says…….


My name is Steve Shull. I am a founding partner at one of southern California’s leading boutique real estate brokerages. I’ve been coaching John Biondolillo since his first year in the business when he closed 26 transactions in 40 weeks. His production continues to increase regardless of market conditions.  I have been coaching top performing real estate professionals for since 1993. In fact, I believe I have coached more agents on a one-on-one basis than anyone else in the world. Coaching is my passion. I believe in it 100%. My purpose is to inspire and challenge exceptional people to live and work at their Personal Best.

I think one of the greatest values offered at BCK Real Estate is personal coaching and group training programs. Like everything at BCK Real Estate, the coaching offered is custom tailored to each agent. There is no one size fits all solution when it comes to coaching.

My goal on this blog is provide a steady stream of coaching tips and real life situations that can benefit you in your efforts to grow your business.