AsianFanfics. Why have always been we not able to cut some css designs inside my rule?


  • How can you incorporate designs?
  • How can you make a layout?
  • The reason why are I not able to conserve some css types during my signal?
  • Exist worldwide site types I am able to need?


  • How do you establish plagiarism?
  • What makesn’t duplicated templates, tournaments, or options disassembled for plagiarism?
  • Are proprietary graphics furthermore disassembled?
  • I came across an account here that was plagiarized. What do I Actually Do?

Plagiarism Notice Provider for Asianfanfics Authors

  • What is the plagiarism notice provider?
  • How can the plagiarism alerts services work?
  • Any techniques for exactly what search term from my personal tale to make use of?
  • Which are the limitations and constraints in the plagiarism notification provider?

Limited Content Material

  • How can you establish adult information?
  • Will there be a place where I’m able to chat with anyone on the website?
  • Exactly what do I need to discover Rated M stories?
  • What types of content will likely be taken from your website?

Featured Tale


  • Understanding karma for?
  • Why isn’t my karma going up? how do you enlarge it?
  • The reason why was actually the karma program formulated?

Immediate Announcements

  • What are quick notifications?
  • Let’s You will find instant notifications enabled?
  • How do you help immediate announcements or have actually my personal restriction increased?

AFF Silver Updates

  • Understanding AFF Silver updates?
  • Best ways to get AFF Gold reputation?

Setup and Preferences

  • How can I replace the website font and font models?
  • How can I turn off the my personal alerts?
  • Best ways to arrive at my personal notice choice?


  • How do I limit entry to my fanfics?
  • How to limit use of my profile?
  • How to block another user from getting in touch with me or from checking out my personal content?
  • How do I deactivate my personal account?

Off-line Form

  • Best ways to look over reports traditional (airplane mode)?
  • How can I as a creator enable or disable the read stories offline (airplane mode) ability?
  • Where create I see my stories offline?
  • How come traditional function only available throughout the app and why will it be down by default?



  • What exactly is upvoting?
  • How come i must bring at the very least 10 karma things to vote on a story?
  • Does voting cost karma guidelines?


  • Why do i must send 1 karma point for each information delivered to wall space or inboxes of non-friend readers?
  • When really does the 1 karma point tip perhaps not submit an application for wall structure and exclusive emails sent to non-friends?
  • What otherwise have your attempted before to cut back junk e-mail and troll communications that generated the 1 karma point tip?


  • How do I incorporate new labels to my personal tale?
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Spoiler Labels


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  • Why is Asianfanfics different?
  • What characteristics can I have from joining?
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  • Can you send stories in every language?
  • Aren’t all forms of fanfiction illegal?
  • How it happened to having the ability to down load tales in .txt style

Q: how can you use designs?

A: designs were a simple way to install a brand new design for areas of your content material in a simply click of a key and never having to constantly touch the html page. You can easily select a layout for chapters of the text through the design industry. Examine the readily available user-submitted design and then click about “Get” button to acquire a layout (see karma information for lots more information on points).

To utilize your brand new layout for a story’s foreword, look for the “modification foreword design” hyperlink within the foreword see. This showcases a list of designs you possess. Click on the “Activate for Foreword” key connect to make use of your design on your foreword.

Every design will have a place so that you can submit your text according to the format developer. For example, if a design designer specifies two stores inside their style so that you can submit their text, then you certainly must place their book around information labels that they specify. Ex. [CONTENTID1]Your book for content1 goes here[/CONTENTID1] after that [CONTENTID2]Your text for content2 happens here[/CONTENTID2]. Their unique format allows you to understand which labels you are able to and where each goes. Remember that contents tags include situation sensitive and painful so they really ought to be uppercase for the text to display.