Already? Really?

By Steve Shull

Believe it or not….

It is really time to start planning for 2011. The best way to have a great year is to have a great start to the year. And if you want a great start to 2011….. you have to begin thinking about it NOW!

Here are 10 great questions for you to answer relative to how you approach your business today. Before thinking about next year, it is imperative to gain some real clarity about what you are doing right now. The answers to the questions below will help you shape your plans for next year.

If you are inspired to get a “jump start” on 2011….

1.  Do you know what you want?

2.  Do you connect to what is most important to you on a daily basis?

3.  Do you start each day with a clear intention, an open mind, and a true sense of urgency?

4.  Do you start each day with a plan, a strategy for generating business, an opportunity awareness?

5.  Do you stay focused on following your plan/ strategy?

6.  Do you stay in the moment, in “the hunt”, looking for opportunity in every situation, and always seeking to get to the truth?

7.  Do you REALLY understand that a “no” is just as good as a “yes”?

8.  Do you work to push away all the distractions that pop up during the day?

9.  How quick are you to notice when you are getting off track and how fast can you get yourself back on track?

10. Do you evaluate your effort each day for ways to get better?