Agent Marketing Support

The management at BCK Real Estate has concluded from observing the best, high-end real estate companies in the United States that one of the biggest needs and priorities for agents is marketing support.

Traditionally, companies are not providing convenient marketing support to agents and therefore the agents are forced to obtain their marketing support independently. This requires them to spend valuable time and money in an area outside of their expertise thus the agent perceives no added value or support from their company. BCK has elevated this area of service and support to help our agents become more productive.

At BCK agents have full access to marketing professionals, where they are able to obtain all of their marketing needs. We provide a venue for customized listing presentations, website development, viral marketing e-blasts, social media support, and a place to develop strategic marketing campaigns. With this in-house advertising agency BCK provides all agents marketing assistance while elevating the Agent and Company brand.

BCK expects both agents and clients to be attracted to the Company’s clean, high-end advertising and its customized marketing support.